Improving blog readability

How can you improve the experience of a reader who encounters information in their non-native language? As organizations become more global, multilingual employees will be the norm and helping them to consume information more effectively remains a significant challenge, especially if that information is in a non-native language. Translation tools for social software have improved […]

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Gamification, long-term

What happens when designers implement a gamification scheme on a social site and then remove it? Designers use gamification incentives in social sites to spur participation and encourage user contributions. Prior research suggest that there is a short-term boost for design features such as points and badges but less is known about the longer-term effects […]


Understanding social network Q&A

How do people use their social networks to find information? Microblogging allows people to ask questions in simple language to their social networks. I analyzed 209K status messages within an enterprise SNS to understand what kind of questions were asked, and looked at how fast questions were answered. I observed that users asked questions for […]


Photo viewing in an enterprise

What value does photo viewing have for an organization? Global enterprises have introduced social software inside the organization to help distributed employees communicate and collaborate more effectively. Consuming content may also help employees learn something about their fellow teammates and corporate culture. I conducted a research study, analyzing thousands of photos from an intranet social […]